Increasingly frustrated with Gmail

I’m increasingly annoyed with Gmail, particularly with their integrating ads into my inbox, but also general Google product antipathy. Does anyone have advice about what to switch to or things I should look out for? (I’ve been using Fastmail at work and it seems fine?) My primary concerns are:

  • I’ll need ~30GB storage and don’t want to pay through the nose for it (I’m currently paying Google $2.99/mo for storage and willing to go up a bit.)
  • I tend to use the web client for my email a lot so I want it to be good
  • Should I switch my calendar as well? Curious about people’s experience with calendar integration of various mail services and how it interacts when sharing calendars, receiving and sending invites, etc. with Google users
  • I am pretty free with how I share my email address, so good spam prevention is a must
  • Currently I use a forwarder for my custom domain, but it would be sweet to have native support instead
  • Great privacy practices are always a plus, though I generally switch to more secure channels for truly sensitive information

I’m looking mostly at Fastmail right now, which seems like it checks my boxes at the right price. ProtonMail is also in the running, but it’s a bit more expensive, so I need to be sold on its perks. (It does look like it has nice perks, I’m just not sure if I’d use all of them.)